Ryo Shishido (宍戸 亮, Shishido Ryō?) is known as Hyotei's "dash specialist" due to his speed and ability to return almost any ball. He is initially dropped from the regulars after being humiliated 6-0 by Kippei Tachibana, but he soon cuts his precious long hair and makes a return to the team. He join in doubles with Chotarou Ohtori, and they become very close. After hard training, he develops the "Rising Counter", which hits the ball directly after it bounces, which is strengthened by his dashing. Shishido has appeared in all of the Shonen Jump character popularity polls since his introduction into the story. In the second poll, he came in 20th place.[10] In both the third and fourth polls, he came in 12th place.[7][8] He is voiced by Kusuda Toshiyuki in the anime, and played by Kenta Kamakari and Ryouta Murai in the musicals, and by Junpei Suzuki in the live action film.