Image- Atobe Keigo- Oresama no Bigi ni

Keigo Atobe(跡部 景吾, Atobe Keigo') is the captain of Hyotei. Has an extremely cocky attitude, often saying "Be awed by my prowess" (Ore-sama no bigi ni yoi na, 俺様の美技に酔いな) but has the skills to make up for it. Atobe is very wealthy and owns various high-class things like a mansion and private vehicles. It is also shown that he owns a boat. Despite his personality, he trains constantly and takes pride in his team. He has rivalries with Tezuka, who he defeats in the Kantō Tournament, Sanada, who he would have defeated in a practice match but Yukimura called it off, and Ryoma, who he loses to in the nationals.

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Tanahuser: similar to Ryoma Echizen cool drive, it is a serve that dose not bounce or bounce irregularly

Rondo Twords Destruction: A special smash where atobe uses his control to hit the ball at the opponets hand causing them to drop their racket as the ball is lobbed back over to atobe as he then smashes it agian, this move can be countered if your reflexes and wrists are good enough.

World of Ice: Atobe uses his highly developed insight to locate all of his opponents dead angles that take the form of ice pillars.

Atobe Kingdom: An advanced version of World of Ice used on people who have no dead angles. By honing his already impressive insight he is able to see the skeleton of his opponent and even if they can erase blind spots with their flexibility and other things they are unable to conform their joints to hit certian angles.