Akira Kamio (神尾 アキラ, Kamio Akira?) is the vice-captain of Fudomine, who normally plays singles or doubles with his long-time friend Shinji Ibu. His style focuses on speed and "rhythm", which focuses on moving his feet at a certain pace. He uses the "Sonic Bullet" shot, which seems to disappear, and the "Quick-Drop Serve", which is hit before it rises to the top, throwing off the opponents timing and slightly increasing the speed. He has a crush on An, and is jealous when she goes out with Momoshiro. In New Prince of Tennis he is one of the players invited to the Japanese U17 team. He is voiced by Chihiro Suzuki in Japanese media, and by David Neil Black in English media. He is played by Matsui Yasuyuki and Yuki Fujiwara in the musicals, and Yuki Fujiwara reprises that role in the live action film.


Akira is a teenager with average height and has short red hair that falls over one eye. He wears the standard Fudomine uniform and when invited to the selection camp, wears the standard uniform. When dressed casually, he usually wears a long sleeved gray shirt with a dark blue vest over it.


Akira is shown to be a very fast runner known as the Speed Ace. He frequently talks about his "rhythm" He compares his runnign with his rhythm as saying "Turn the rhythm on high!" when running faster and saying that it's a good rhythm. His special technique is the "Speed bullet" created by adding a high slice on teh top of the ball making it go faster than sound, so fast that even Yamabuki's Kiyosumi Sengoku cannot see it. However, Kenya Oshitari from Shitenhouji has a speed that surpasses Kamio's own by far.